1. I finally updated my Tumblr. Follow my new (well since this summer…) gig at our tumblr: http://nowthisnews.tumblr.com/. DO IT.


  2. Following Nico’s Adventures

    Awesome url and blog from HuffPost’s former managing editor Nico Pitney: http://www.instagramtheworld.com/

    Looking forward to following your instagrams!

  3. I made my first animated GIF!!

    we love each other…


    If you looked closely in the background of our live Q&A with Sandra Fluke today…

    (Source: huffpostpol)


  5. My favorite section of the new HuffPost Politics tumblr is the section displaying our different splashes: http://huffpostpolitics.tumblr.com/tagged/Splashes



  7. huffingtonpost:

    And here’s how excited our DC office is about that.

  8. Andrew Breitbart died suddenly this morning

    "Breitbart came to be well-known for his work with the Drudge Report (he also played an early role with The Huffington Post), and would go on to found the Big Journalism, Big Hollywood and Breitbart.com websites. He was also an author, columnist and ubiquitous commentator in the media."

    This video was shot and edited by my colleagues Hunter Stuart and Annie Carroll back in June.

  9. http://huff.to/yp4FCN - This year’s Conservative Political Action Conference drew plenty of colorful characters, many of whom stopped by to be interviewed for HuffPost’s video livestream coverage. Take a look at HuffPost’s favorite interviewees!

  10. Michele Bachmann on HuffPost Politics first video live stream.